Continuing Education

Continuing Education and professional development is highly encouraged amongst all BUSD employees. Below you will find information regarding guidelines for Continuing Education for advancement on the BTA Salary Schedule.

Continuing Education Course Approval Process:

Step 1: Submit a Completed Course Approval Request Form (including course description and/or course flyer) to your Site Principal for review and approval.

Step 2: Once it has been approved by your Site Principal/Direct Supervisor, submit the completed Certificated Course Approval Form (including course description and/or course flyer) to the Human Resources Department for review and final approval.

Step 3: Once final approval is received by the Superintendent, the approved form will be returned to you for your records.

Reminder: All transcripts (unofficial/official), grade cards, or certificates of completion must be submitted to the District Office by September 30 for credit in that school year.

BTA Bargaining Agreement Article 7.3.B-D (Compensation/Advancement/Placement on Salary Schedule

 B. College and University Course Work: When a bargaining unit member desires to take courses for credit for advancement on the salary schedule, he/she must submit the course title and its relation to the scope of the District curriculum to his/her Principal in advance of taking the course. Should the Principal deem the course unacceptable, he/she shall so inform the bargaining unit member. This bargaining unit member may appeal the decision to a professional growth committee of three (3) Bargaining Unit Members chosen by the Association. This committee shall submit their recommendation to the Superintendent for final decision. 

C. Advancement categories should be limited to the following:

  1. Courses that develop increased competence in the present bargaining unit member area.

  2. Courses that are preparation for a bargaining unit member who changes, or plans to change, from one curriculum to another.

  3. Courses that would develop competencies in an additional curriculum area.

D. All transcripts (unofficial/official), grade cards, or certificates of completion must be submitted to the District Office by September 30 for credit in that school year. If unofficial transcripts are submitted prior to the September 30 deadline, official transcripts must be submitted as soon as they are available. 

Professional growth activities completed during the school year should be verified to the District Office as soon as possible after completion. 

Employees who fail to meet the September 30 deadline will not be allowed to advance to a higher range on the salary schedule in that school year. 

Only grades “C” or better, or pass in a pass/fail class, shall receive credit for salary schedule purposes. 

Credit will not be granted for purposes of advancement on the schedule unless the transcripts, grade cards or certificates of completion are submitted within twelve (12) months of completion of the course. 

E. District Approve In-Service Training Session.
Such in-service activities will be evaluated on the basis of fifteen (15)  hours for one (1) unit.