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Dr. Reyes Gauna

Superintendent Office

Dear Byron Union School District Family,

Imagine the humble honor that the Byron School District Board of Trustees bestowed upon me and my family last evening when they selected me to serve you, your children, and our students this coming school year.  Every step of my professional and personal journey has led me to Bryon in order to be your servant leader.

As mentioned last evening, I have had the pleasure to serve in a variety of roles from custodian, campus monitor, teacher, counselor, college professor, and site and district level administrator K-12.  These experiences coupled with the blessings of being the husband to my lovely wife, Haydee, of 18 years and father to three children, Andrew (16), Christopher (14), and Katelyn (12) have inspired me to assist you in making Byron the envy of every district in our county; and with support from you, the envy of every district in the state.

You already know what an incredible challenge this will be for our district.  Some of you have already shared you have endured several of those challenges personally.  My ask of you, as I begin to earn your trust and respect, is to be patient with the process and with each other.  My commitment to you is transparency in all we do and high visibility of me.  Your voices and suggestions will go a long way to our celebrating the many successes we will enjoy along the way.

While my colleagues and friends would suggest they perceive me to be an experienced leader, I know there is much to learn about each of you, your child, our students, and our district.  Some of the Byron contextual information will be very important to know.  Some of the information, that detracts us from moving forward in a positive way, will be unnecessary.  Therefore, I ask that you join me in acknowledging what has been, to provide brief context, and that we focus most of our attention and efforts on moving forward.  We will go slow to go fast!

My family and I are deeply grateful for this very important role you have given me. Please take a moment and introduce yourselves so we can begin the “getting to know each other” immediately.  With your willingness, resilience, and support, our kids will thrive!



Reyes Gauna, Ed.D.

Your humble Superintendent