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Message from our Superintendent

Welcome to the Byron Union School District!


The Byron Union School District is an educational community with a long history of excellence in education. It is committed to providing students with classroom instruction of the highest quality. Our schools provide a strong emphasis on achieving proficiency and above in the areas of literacy, mathematics and all core areas of the curriculum. It is a top priority to provide a safe and secure environment. 

Our District Goals are:

Goal #1:

Support the academic achievement of all students through a rigorous and balanced curriculum, as we transition to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards while continuing to foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.

Goal #2:
Establish and implement multi-year plans in order to ensure the fiscal stability of the District and to support a high quality instructional program.

Goal #3:
Enhance communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, Board of Education and community.

Goal #4:

Maintain and Improve School Safety and Security 

We encourage and invite you to become involved in the learning process of your children. There are many opportunities for you to participate in school and district committees or volunteer at the school site. We hope you will take the opportunity to do so.