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INTRA District Transfers

Intradistrict Transfer Request apply to students who are currently attending school within the Byron Union School District (BUSD), who are requesting a transfer between schools within Byron district boundaries.  This request is available to parents/guardians to fill out for their student  to attend another school other than the students school of residence within the district. 

Students must be enrolled to have their transfers considered.  If you haven’t registered your student, please start the process at your student’s school of residence, which is their boundary school. If you aren't sure which school is your boundary school, you can enter your address at Once you have finished the registration process at your boundary school, you can request the Intradistrict transfer form at that time.

  • PLEASE NOTEall transfers are granted based on space and program availability in the requested school.  Availability is determined by current and projected enrollment needs.  Please read the back of the Intradistrict Request form carefully before submitting. Transportation will not be provided for students who chose to attend outside their boundary school except as required by 20 USC 6316, for transfers out of the Title 1 program. 

All applicants will be notified by mail or email as to whether their applications have been approved or denied 

New enrollees between May 2nd and the end of the current school year, who submit an intradistrict transfer request within 5 days of enrollment, will be notified by June 15.

New Transitional Kindergarten (TK) & Kindergarten Once you have enrolled your student at their boundary school for the 2020-2021 school year, you can then submit an Intradistrict Transfer Request. 

**DUE TO COVID-19, you may email your completed form and any supporting documents to 

Contact Christina Veziris with INTRAdistrict questions