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Password for the Dell Computers

byron  (all lower case)

Technology Staff

Shane Hull 

Technology Coordinator 

Michelle Pereira  

Student Data/CALPADS 

Help Desk  For Staff support needs.  Please submit a support ticket (OPRA) first.  

Information Technology

Byron Union Technology Department

The Byron Technology department is responsible for district-wide educational and information technology operations, user support, new technology planning, network infrastructure maintenance, information and data services, assessment data management, and technology professional development.  The department's mission is to provide and support a world class education for students and work environment for the staff through innovation, training and the effective application of state-of-the-art technologies.

We strive to find a dependable real world confluence of technology that appeals to students, and supports the teachers in teaching 21st century curriculum, meeting all of the districts and parents goals for a collage ready education.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates

Zoom Guidelines

          BUSD Zoom Guidelines & Norms - Students

Zoom is BUSD’s official video conferencing and live streaming video service. Review this
document carefully before participating in a Zoom meeting with your class. The district expects
that you follow the norms below.


1. Zoom meetings with students may not be recorded. Students and their families are prohibited
from using any device or mechanism to record, capture, and/or distribute any online educational
activities (voice and/or image), including Zoom and Schoology.

2. Students will be invited through email to the parents only. Sharing the link in any format or
location is forbidden. Students can only participate with parent permission. Student presence at
the meeting implies parent permission.

3. All school rules also apply online. Make sure you follow school guidelines, especially
regarding cyberbullying and non-discriminatory behaviors. Students who fail to follow rules,
norms, and guidelines will be subject to school discipline.

4. When joining the meeting, your microphone will be muted. Raise your hand to be called on by
the teacher.

5. Computer headphones or earbuds help with sound reception and focus.

6. Follow the school dress code when visible on video.

7. Be mindful of your surrounding environment. Sit against a wall if possible. Don’t include items
in the background that should not be seen by others. Avoid distracting backgrounds.

8. Model good social skills online. Be as polite and respectful towards others as you would in a
face to face meeting.

Zoom image
t mobile hot spot